LEVER SWITCH (Micro switch)

Switches & Relays

Brand: Honeywell


Type: lever, toggle
Number of poles: 3-pole, 4-pole, 2-pole, single-pole
Other characteristics: electromechanical, snap-action, momentary, compact, miniature, flat
Protection level: splash-resistant, for harsh environments, ultra-rugged, IP67
Honeywell environmentally-sealed hermetic toggle switches have proven MICRO SWITCH technology behind their high reliability. The switches are built to withstand dusty, wet, dirty, and harsh environments. Their rugged design makes them ideal for use wherever a panel-mount switch with an environment-proof rating is needed, as in industrial equipment, commercial aviation, equipment, military aviation, process control, agriculture, and medical technology. The switching chamber is completely sealed to withstand harsh elements.
Various customizable configurations are offered. Meeting multiple electrical and load requirements, 6 toggles are available: TL Series, TW Series, NT Series, TS Series, TW Series, AT Series, and ET Series. They have MIL qualifications for military applications.

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