Schunk Inductive Proximity Switches IN

Thương hiệu: Schunk

Mã SP: Inductive Proximity Switches IN

Description: IN – Inductive Proximity Switches IN
Switching function: Closer
Type of switching: PNP
Switching distance: 1.0mm
Switching hysterisis from the nominal switching distance < 15%
Max. switching frequency: 3000Hz
LED display in sensor: no
Type of voltage: DC
Nominal voltage: 24V
Voltage drop: 1.5V
Max. switching current: 0.2V
Cable connector/cable end: M8
Cable length L: 30cm
Cable diameter D: 3.500mm
Min. bending radius (dynamic): 35mm
Min. bending radius (static): 17.5mm
Protection class IP (sensor, plugged): 67
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