Automation Design in CTI SUPPLY

Automation design engineer ctisupply

Automation Design Engineer in CTI SUPPLY

Our core advantage based on well-qualified automation design engineers in Vietnam which can help customer ease the workload, reduce the labor cost and enhance process’s efficiency. Over years in hands on projects, we are capable of offering a comprehensive and fully customized industrial automation system to enhance the specifications and productions requirements of our customers.

Automation design engineer ctisupply
CTI SUPPLY provides automation design engineer for outsourcing

CTI Supply aims to deliver advanced automation solutions for the customers all over the world. We have been implementing industrial automation solutions utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Our automation division can design, build and support equipment ranging from small tabletop work cells to large-scale automated packaging lines.

Industrial Automation Design Needs

Nowadays, the demand of industrial automation is increasing in the result of the importance of industrial automation to the global economy. Therefore, the engineers have to effort to merge the automated devices with mathematical tools to set up complex operational systems in order to expand the scope of applications in production activities with the innovation and optimization.

industrial automation design

Industrial Automation is utilizing the different control systems like programmable logic control, numerical control. And manufacturing to control the industrial processes and the machinery involved with it. These are elements at the forefront of truly automated design integration.

Common Automation Processes

Some of the common automation processes are vibrator bowl feeding, conveyor, dispensing. Insertion, pressing, leak detection, vision inspection, deburring. Washing, pneumatic & hydraulic control, ac motor and servo motor control, water and coolant control. These systems are controlled via the programmable logic controller (PLCs) or Computers.

The interface is a computer controlled set of sensors. Which act a system of information exchange between the man and the machine. It is designed to interpret the instructions provided by the operator and then commands the machine to perform the task specified by the same. This process leads to the accurately controlled actions allowing the tight control of the industrial process.

The PLCs is required for coordinating the flow of physical sensor, based inputs from the events with the outputs flow to the actuators.

Automation design engineer
Common Automation Design Processes

The Human-machine interface or HMI along with the computer human interface or CHI, previously known as the man-machine interface, are generally engaged in order to interact with the PLCs and other computers. The general interactions that take place are entering and supervising the pressures and temperatures for aiding the advance automated control as well as the emergency responses. There are skilled personnel who supervise and control such an interface.

The Core Value of the Automation Design Service at CTI SUPPLY are

  • Ensure the close connectivity between automation OEMs and trading partner to meet entirely right request and condition
  • Well-qualified engineer with hands on experience in PLC programming
  • Enhancing the speed of the assembly line along with the quality to match international standards
  • Save cost and time
  • Optimizing production automation
  • Avoid exposing intellectual property
  • Improving the reliability and security levels of the control systems.
  • Support to maintenance

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CTI SUPPLY built up a group of well-qualified senior engineering teams with a great number of in-house experts and PLC programmers in Vietnam. We are available to take on different projects in scale, even on short notice, and quickly ramp up by working as an extension of your internal team. Our vast experience allows us to offer custom and application specific training as an added benefit to our clients.

With over years of experience in high-tech machine programming, CTI SUPPLY’s design team are able to simplify SCADA prototype process as our main package of your choice. We can also supply you with drawings and documentation for all your equipment builds.

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During the current economic uncertainty, CTI SUPPLY is still open for business to offer our full offsite service globally.

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