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How To Implement FAT for Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

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FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is carried out in order to demonstrate that the system and its components function properly, that manufacturing, assembly, configuration and software generation are done correctly and that system performance is in compliance with the approved functional specifications and relevant documents. The same should be also carried out for DCS. The main […]

Future of PLC in Industrial Automation

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PLC in Industrial Automation Definition A PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller. In other words, it is an industrial computer used as a standalone unit and can be used in a network of PLCs to automatically control a process or perform a specific function. To take information from the outside world such as temperature of […]

Approach to Modern Factory Automation and Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

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Using Modern Factory Automation and Industry 4.0, any organization can perform processes with little or no human intervention. Automation is able to power a range of equipment, which is then able to fulfil a variety of objectives in a wide array of manufacturing environments. Industry Automation Automation in industrial settings uses a control system and […]

Siemens PLC Versus Allen Bradley PLC


Siemens PLC and Allen Bradley PLC – Which is better for industrial automation? Siemens PLC and Allen Bradley PLC are two of the biggest PLC manufacturers. When Dick Morley invented the first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in 1969 up to now, PLCs have been of great contribution to the industrial segment. A PLC which is […]

IO-Link Plays Continuous Part in Automation System Architectures

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IO-Link is a universal, intelligent enabler of technology. Yet its value for control system architectures is its ability to provide fieldbus-neutral, point-to-point connections. In other words, IO-Link Plays Continuous Part in Automation System Architectures. Emergence of IO-Link Using Use of IO-Link has emerged as an industrial technology trend. It is enabling a wide range of […]

Vietnam Automation Outsourcing: A Promising Destination for Outsourcing Software Development Projects

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In the recent years, Vietnam has become an emerging market for software development outsourcing in the global tech community. Competitive automation outsourcing cost combined with highly skilled workforce and top tech talents make Vietnam an attractive choice for companies that are looking to outsource their software and mobile application development projects. In addition, many tech […]

Why are PLC, SCADA and HMI Right for Industrial Automation?

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The industrial automation peaked when you use automated control like Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) etc. They help in controlling industrial processes and machinery, replacing manual intervention and dangerous assembly operations, which are automated. Functional Elements of Industrial Automation Industrial Automation consists of an array of elements, which […]

Outsourcing Engineers: When is it Right for You?

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To stay in business, companies slashed budgets and cut staff to operate as leanly as possible. In fact, the focus is shifting from survival mode to market leadership. The problem is that the staffing cuts that helped companies stay solvent may have left them without the in-house engineering talent needed to develop the innovative products […]

Industrial Automated System Integrators


Automated system integrators play a wide range of roles. On the basis, they are responsible for combining different devices and machines into an integrated, efficient system. In other words, systems integrators act as project managers, overseeing and managing the communication between different components of a project.  Industrial manufacturing firms bring in system integrators to bridge […]

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