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Water Treatment Plant – Remote Automation and Control System Insight

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While laboratory analytical measurements are required to establish the proper treatment process in the water treatment plant, process control systems and on-line analytical instruments have been developed to assist the treatment plant operator in the control of the treatment process. Process automation can be separated into 2 types – continuous (or analog), and sequential (or […]

HMI Programming and Development (Part 2)


HMI Software | FactoryTalk View Studio In the world of Allen Bradley control systems, FactoryTalk View Studio is the software development environment for Human Machine Interfaces. You can think of this software as the HMI equivalent of RSLogix or Studio 5000. FactoryTalk View Studio comes in several flavors of HMI Development suites, incorporates multiple tools […]

Benefits of Automation System Integration

SM System integration

Why is Automation System Integration important for your business? Automation Systems integrators create direct lines of communication between automated systems. On this, the overall system allow plant equipment to more efficiently communicate with operators and other machinery. There are many benefits of automation systems integration and many industries, especially those that rely on information technology, […]

Insight of Mechanical and Electrical Components used PLC Programming


What is PLC Programming? A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an industrial computer control system. It provides the brainpower necessary to allow the machine to operate using coding logic programmed into the PLC. Widely used in manufacture and automation, PLC Programming is the digital logic running in the background of a machine unseen to the […]

How to Select an Automation Systems Integrator

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When the time comes to retrofit or build an automation system, there are two options of industrial facilities. We handle the project internally or hire an integrator. Upon examination, many plants find that their engineers may not be well suited to the task of integrating an automation system. Another thing is that the engineering department […]

Mechatronic Engineering Engineer


What is Mechatronic Engineering? Mechatronic Engineering combines the fundamentals of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science to develop autonomous systems. A Mechatronic Engineer designs smart machines and systems that are aware of their environment, and can processing information to make decisions. What is a Machine? Today, large scale integration of electronic devices, ever expanding computing hardware […]

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