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SIWA – Digital Solutions For The Water Treatment And Management

SIWA Smart Water Management to control and optimize water supply and sewer networks from one central point Using data from sensors and special mathematical algorithms, SIWA solution monitors your plant and indicates leaks. It optimizes the efficiency of pumps, aerators and compressors and controls waste water flows – resulting in increased cost and energy efficiency. […]

25 PLC Manufacturers in the Industrial Automation Industry

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The Top PLC Manufacturers in the Industrial Automation Industry The majority of PLC manufacturers involved in the industrial automation industry are also heavily involved in manufacture of other industrial automation equipment. Some have become large conglomerate organizations not only involved in industrial automation but other sectors such as energy, infrastructure, healthcare, automotive, aviation, robotics, mobility, […]

Siemens S5 Support – Where Will You Get Help when It Reaches Its End of Life?

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At the end of September 2020, the trusted Siemens SIMATIC S5 will reach its end of life. So, where does that leave the many production lines relying on this great piece of equipment? The good news is, Siemens S5 support is still available. Here is a novel, easy way to get the best out of […]

Connecting Rockwell and Siemens Automation System (Part 2)


Rockwell Controllers Overview of Rockwell Automation System Rockwell Automation provides a set of controllers similar to Siemens. Rockwell’s solutions range from the original, 1970 programmable logic controller (PLC) to controllers for large and small control systems, safety applications to very small controllers, to programmable automation controller (PAC) in Rockwell Automation System. Data Table Organization of […]

Connecting Rockwell and Siemens Automation System (Part 1)

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Connecting Rockwell and Siemens Automation System After engaging in many difficult market competitions over the years, the industry has changed. No longer is there one Programmable Controller and one vendor for a manufacturing system. Machines have multiple sections sometimes with multiple controllers in each section. Machine sections are bought and integrated based on specific features […]

SCADA influencing Industrial Automation Industry


SCADA system integration plays an important part in Industrial Automation Industry SCADA is a system of hardware and software components that enables an organization to analysis and visualization through geospatial view, one-line diagram, smart graphical user interface, and digital dashboards. Some of the key elements of SCADA includes HMI (Human-Machine Interface), communication infrastructure and field […]

Siemens PLC Versus Allen Bradley PLC


Siemens PLC and Allen Bradley PLC – Which is better for industrial automation? Siemens PLC and Allen Bradley PLC are two of the biggest PLC manufacturers. When Dick Morley invented the first Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in 1969 up to now, PLCs have been of great contribution to the industrial segment. A PLC which is […]

The Basics of Siemens PLC’s and Programming in Simatic Step7

simatic step 7 basic and simatic s7 1200

A programmable logic controller (PLC), also referred to as a programmable controller, is the name given to a type of computer commonly used in commercial and industrial control applications. The hardware and software of PLCs require to perform these tasks. While the specific applications vary widely, all PLCs monitor inputs and other variable values, make decisions […]

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