CTI SUPPLY improves the profitability for clients by performing different scope of installation, commissioning and maintenance services under OEM’s instruction at the customer’s site.

A local technical support to deliver different levels of work from standard procedure to maintenance program development, new system installation to obsolete machinery upgrades



CTI SUPPLY maintenance engineers at the on-site manufacturing plant ready to handle and resolve technical issues of industrial production lines. In particular, the unit provides a variety of maintenance and repair services as followings:

  • Electrical automation system applied with PLC/SCADA/HMI Foundation
  • Food processing and packaging system
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic making machines
  • Semi-Automatic to Fully Automatic equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Multiple Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Plastic, PVC, PU industries machines
  • Automatic conveyor system
  • SMT, wire bonder, silicon/semiconductor wafer production machine
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our team

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A team of experienced engineers in CTI SUPPLY are able to analyze, evaluate and upgrade high-tech production line systems with optimal and intelligent solutions. In addition, skillful engineering technicians use advanced equipment and modern technology to achieve high accuracy and efficiency.

The scope of activities is diverse, our team experienced with many years of designing, programming and maintaining machinery in the oil and gas industry and large European industrial automation factories in Vietnam.

In particular, we plays the role as local technical support on site for customers under OEM authorization with in-time flexibility and activeness.

Standardized Maintenance Schedule

Service of repairing and maintaining high-tech machinery package monthly/quarterly/yearly are core programs of service that CTI SUPPLY offer to the customers. We provides long-term periodic service partners under the contract applicable to all production plants with high-tech machinery lines.

With extensive experience in various types of maintenance, CTI SUPPLY integrates and provides a complete solution for maintenance schedules matching for the plant’s machinery condition through the process of surveying, analyzing and planning to build up a detailed maintenance plan for customers.

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our accomplishments


Industrial Pressing Machinery Maintenance

With highly specialized knowledge of automation and hydraulic systems, CTI SUPPLY’s engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the maintenance, repairing and overhauling of pressing machines.

In particular, CTI SUPPLY specialized in extensive European machines with high speed of 100 times/minute, AAA pressure such as flywheel presses, servo-motor pressing machines and hydraulic presses.

Main activities are emphasized as below:

  • Cylinder maintenance: check for leaks, damage, scratches and measure cylinder abrasion
  • Checking the geometry of the upper and lower tables: parallel measurement, bearing gap measurement, position adjustment, slider
  • Valve leakage, high pressure pump, accumulator, oil tank maintenance
  • System inspection & maintenance: billet feeding and lubricating oil injection
  • Position calibration: encoder, press table, motor
  • Programmable Control Installation
  • Inspection & Maintenance of electrical control cabinets

In addition, CTI SUPPLY provides spare parts, components, development plans, manuals and maintenance programs including timely maintenance items, replacement parts list, cleaning and regularly maintenance schedule for the production line equipment.

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CTI SUPPLY maintenance engineers and innovative specialists understood the customer’s vision for an integrated control system and production lines that could manage equipment from different OEMs and vendors. CTI SUPPLY addresses each of the equipment manufacturers to understand the needs and demands of every single machine before installing, maintaining and integrating the controls. A company capable of diagnosing the entire system, as opposed to just a single component.

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Schunk Sonosystems‘ MINIC-II-plus Ultrasonic Welding System is a cut-edged system for the production of cables or conductors into complex assembly lines. Wire cross-sections up to 30 mm2 can be welded, depending on the generator output power. Compact design offers a wide range of application possibilities. For example, the system can be set up as a panel unit or as a component for special purpose settings such as circuit breakers.

In the repair and maintenance of ultrasonic welding machines for metal, aluminum, copper, and industrial glass, CTI SUPPLY’s engineering team conducts customer support tasks such as:

  • Check, repair and do maintenance for the series of MINIC-II-plus, MINIC-II-GT, MINIC-II-CS, DS20,etc.
  • Do troubleshooting and adjust the sensor reference position
  • Check and adjust the mechanical factors in the machinery system

Welding systems ranged for the wire harness industry, ultrasonic pipe clamps, airtight sealing of cooling systems and particularly complex systems for the solar, electronics, semiconductor and battery production industries.

Laser Shaft Alignment

CTI SUPPLY implements laser-based shaft alignment projects for large-load motor drive systems such as crushers, generators, industrial fans and pumps in  manufacturing industries such as paper mills, steel, cement and fertilizer.

In particular, the team completed the motor balancing item for a number of paper mills nationwide. According to requirements of the factory, CTI SUPPLY does an actual assessment phase of the machine and carry on the laser alignment.

  • Clean the machine and motor base
  • Mount and test to identify the deviation via laser aligning device
  • Install the vertical and the horizontal aligning shim

Among these plants used the large motor drive system, the problem solving of motor shaft misalignment ensure production progress, minimize machine downtime and saving spare parts costs and energy.

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Overhaul Maintenance in Hardening and Tempering Furnace

An Industrial Hardening and Tempering Furnace is a complex system with several working chambers in the harsh environment. It can’t be denied that regular maintenance for this type of machine is a must.

In a continuous conveyor system, products are placed in baskets and move through the inner furnace including 4 chambers: Washing 1 – High Temperature Oven (HTO) – Oil Quenching – Washing 2 – Low Temperature Oven (LTO). For overhaul maintenance of a hardening furnace, CTI SUPPLY implements a set of procedure:

  • Disassembling
  • Cleaning and calibrating equipment
  • Checking conditions of process control and heating system, moving parts and electrical system
  • Replacing worn out and out-of-order items
  • Cleaning and reinstalling the parts of the furnace
  • Final safety check before handing over

Overhaul maintenance for the Hardening and Tempering Furnace is a high load labored process and requires lots of engineering maintenance knowledge. Nevertheless, CTI SUPPLY offers such maintenance services with sufficient schedule for customers to attain the downtime reduction, cost savings and workhour avoidance.


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