NKS Flux Chipper – Kelen – Sand Rammer – Die Grinders – Angle Grinders

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NKS Flux Chipper

Best for graving stones, removing paint, rust, welding flux and chipping work Usable with small compressor.

flux chipper
NKS Flux Chipper


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NKS Kelen

Removing mad. Rust on construction machines, concrete on concrete panels, Peeling off tiles and P tiles, chipping highway road.

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Specificationskelen spec

NKS Sand Rammer

Tamping casting sand, fireproof clayware, patching for smelter, tamping soil for civil work.

sand ramm
NKS Sand Rammer


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Pod Size (tip)

pod tool

NKS Die Grinders

For removing burr on cast iron. Finishing mold. Grinding metals and stones.

die grin
NKS Die Grinders


die grinders spec

NKS Angle Grinders

Wire brash : Removing rust, cement
Grinding Wheel, sand paper :
 Grinding work, removing castion burr. Flat grinding.
Chamfering, finishing welded surface, diamond cutter :
 Cutting concrete etc.

angle grin
NKS Angle Grinders


angle grinder spec

Công cụ khí nén NSK tập trung vào các sản phẩm:

  • CONCRETE BREAKER (Máy phá bê tông)
  • CHIPPING HAMMER (Máy phá bê tông)
  • FLUX CHIPPER (Máy đục)
  • SAND RAMMER (Máy đầm cát)
  • DIE GRINDER (Máy mài khuôn)
  • DISC GRINDER (Máy mài dĩa)
  • ANGLE GRINDER (Máy mài góc)
  • RIVETTING HAMMER (Máy bắt ri vê)
  • SCALING HAMMER (Máy đánh sơn)
  • KELEN (Máy đục)
  • NEEDLE SCALER (Máy đánh sơn)

Thông điệp của NKS

“We always manufacture products that are satisfied with the current situation and seek to improve, while at the same time sticking to the fundamentals. Therefore, we continue our efforts to become a pneumatic tools manufacturer that meets the needs of our customers. And contribute to society forever to produce your need for long-term and continuous use for road construction, construction and other structures.”

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